What We Do

We help companies move to the cloud, from small to medium size firms, to companies that are scaling and we support and managed the architecture, automation and security.  We have VDI solutions to blueprinting environments for scalability.

K3 Cloud features private, dedicated and secure cloud storage options accessible to multiple designated endpoints anytime, anywhere. That means you and your team members and partners can conduct business on the go, safely and securely, without interruption.

Unlike large do-it-yourself box storage solutions, our services are cost-effective, personalized and geared specifically toward your company’s individual needs and goals. K3 Cloud stands ready to discuss your needs and to help you strategize and plan for your growth.

Azure/AWS we have experienced Senior Cloud Architects/Engineers to help support and architect your entire environment with security and scalability in mind.

We promise to make the integration and deployment of your cloud-based storage solutions as seamless and easy as possible.

Contact us today to discuss your cloud needs and your limitless potential for growth.